Boquete (1 hour 15 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

You can explore on your own, or take a tour with a guide. Take a coffee farm tour.  For the more adventurous, take a zip-line canopy tour (divided into 11 zip-line cables), or go river rafting. See the views of the Valley of the Rainbows, and enjoy the flowers in the International Flower and Coffee Fair (open now year long). Recommended: a light jacket.


Volcan  (1 hour 30 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

Visit The Little Switzerland of Panamá, the Macho de Monte Waterfall, and Indian Graveyard Sitio Barriles, picnic beside the Gariche River and see the Indian drawings near La Fuente River. Recommended: jacket

Nearby Attraction - David Panama

David (30 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

Capital of the Province of Chiriqui offering complete medical care and a outstanding selection for shopping.  Shop at Chiriqui Mall, gamble at several casinos, visit the local indian market or just explore life in a Panamanian town. 


Cerro Punta (1 hour 45 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

Located in the highlands of the province of Chiriqui, Is a favorite place for tourists and locals for its incredible variety of landscapes and cool weather that is enjoyed all year. It is a sector mainly dedicated to the production of food (like its popular strawberries), flowers and coffee. 

Nearby Attraction - Los Quetzales

Los Quetzales (1 hour 45 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

The Quetzal is one of the most stunning birds of the Panamanian Rainforest. Hike 6 hours through the clouds from the town of Cerro Punta (a short distance from Volcan) across the Chiriqui Rainforest Reserve, La Amistdad, and end up in Boquete (1 hour from Las Olas Resort). Recommended: long pants, sweater, boots, or closed shoes, rain jacket, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant.

Macho Canyon (1 hour 15 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

Travel to Bugaba, and then head towards Cuesta de Piedra.
See the beautiful Macho Monte River Canyon, a product of strong water erosion, causing vertical and completely smooth walls from which small and large jets emerge as fountains. It is a wonder of nature, made up of volcanic rocks that were formed more than 600 years ago. 


Finca Dracula Orchid Farm (1 hour 30 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

Internationally acclaimed for its award-winning orchids, exported globally.  See over 2,500 orchid species from all around the world, in the ideal climate of Cerro Punta. (a short distance from Cerro Punta).

Nearby Attraction - Mangroves in Panama

Mangroves - Kayaking and Hiking

Kayaking in the Mangrove Esturaries, on Finca La Barqueta, there are so many new things to discover!  Enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna. Hear the howling sound of the Howler monkeys, and view a variety of tropical butterflies. (Consult tide schedule)

Walking through the forest trail on La Barqueta Farm and enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna. Hear the howling sound of the Howler Monkeys, and view a variety of tropical butterflies. Early morning recommended.

Alanje  (30 minutes from Las Olas Resort)

You can visit Alanje, a very picturesque town, with historical importance, as the first capital of Chiriqui, which later moved to the city of David.

On the town square you will find a Catholic Church, Parroquia Santiago Apostol, with a famous statue of Christ nailed to the cross, for which the town is named.   

On the dome above the altar, there is a fresco depicting two famous legends about the making of the Christ, now displayed in a glass sarcophagus in the church.

1.     The statue of Christ was found on the sand on La Barqueta Beach, and later taken to Parroquia Santiago Apostol in Alanje.

2.    A man appeared in Alanje a long time ago, worked only at night, and was not seen during the day. People could hear sawing and nailing, and when they forced the door of the house open, they found the Image of Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross, and the man disappeared

The largest influx of devotees, occurs on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, when long lines are formed, so that people may touch the statue of Christ. place small charms on his mantle, offer up prayers and penitence, to ask for miracles.  

The Miraculous Crucified Image of the Holy Christ of Alanje, is taken out of the church only once a year, for a procession on Good Friday. Many hundreds of devotees walk from different towns in the province of Chiriqui, to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross, and participate in the procession on Friday night.

The black Christ of Portobelo, The Christ of Atalaya, and The Christ of Alanje are the three most famous Images of Christ in Panamá.