An experience you will alwayrs remember, ride at sunrise or sunset along Playa La Barqueta or through the fields of Finca La Barqueta. Wear long pants or jeans, a hat and sunscreen. Bring your camara!

Recommended to reserve 24 hours in advance.


Rent bicycles at the Front Desk and tour the property on your own. Enjoy a bike ride in the neighborhoods of La Olas Villas or La Barqueta Nice. 



Farm Tour:

8:00 am - 11:00 am. Same day reservations.

The farm tour is a must do activity for all the kids! Get upclose and meet all the farm animals! Try milking the cows, see the baby calves, pigs and sheep, and don’t forget to visit the goats.

Walk to the Forest Trail: 

Walking through the forest trail on La Barqueta Farm and enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna. Hear the howling sound of the Howler Monkeys, and view a variety of tropical butterflies. Early morning recommended.


Observe dolphins, the athletes of our oceans and enjoy the abundant marine fauna. Panamá is recognized as a premier fishing destination. Fish Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo and a myriad of other great game fish roam the continental shelf and offshore island of this fishing paradise. 

We can arrange a boating, or fishing trip for you aboard our boat “Las Olas”(we can also pack your meals), with an ample advanced notice.  Leave early from Pedregal Port (half and hour from Hotel Las Olas), to go out on the ocean, or directly from La Barqueta Farm, to spend the day in the Mangrove Estuaries.

Leave from La Barqueta Farm aboard “Las Olas” (according to the tide), and go flats fishing, for Pargo and Corvina, in the Mangrove Estuaries. You can dig for clams, and picnic and swim on the beach. (Maximum 4 persons) 

On the ocean, you can have a picnic on Games Island (cast and fish from the island), for a relaxing family day, or for the more diehard fisherman, spend the day fishing around Secas & Ladrones Islands, or  Paridas & Ladrones Islands.  If fishing isn’t successful, go farther out, to Montuosa Island.  You can also go to Hannibal Bank, where you can fish for Marlin and Sailfish. (Maximum 6 persons)




Kayaking in the Mangrove Esturaries, on Finca La Barqueta, there are so many new things to discover!  Enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna. Hear the howling sound of the Howler monkeys, and view a variety of tropical butterflies. (Consult tide schedule)


Spa services available, upon request, with advance notice. Enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to the sounds of the waves!




A 25 minutes from Las Olas Beach Resort, is David, the capital of the Province of Chiriqui (150,000 population. Shop at Chiriqui Mall, visit the local Artesan Market, or just explore life in a Panamanian City.


Participate or Observe "Tipico", the tipical Panamenean Folkloric Dance or Salsa and Meringue Dancing. We can arrange classes for you, or an unforgetable colorful, dance demonstration.  Inquire at the front desk for a new experience.


We can create an unforgettable evening for you and your family on the beach.

For a special occasion, ask us to prepare a romantic dinner, and serve it, right on the beach.  You can even request a bonfire, and enjoy the crackling of the wood to the sounds of the waves. For a larger group, special occasion, or a family reunion you may want to have a bbq right on the beach or poolside.

Your wish is our command!


Surfing (bring your own equipment)
Yoga on the Beach
Clam Digging (For the location you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle)

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